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Soft wax or hard wax?

I get asked  this question all the time. Waxing has been a big part of my work for the past 12 yrs. I started to wax myself in high school as it was something popular to do. I realized after a few sessions that waxing my legs lasts much longer than shaving them or using lots of trimmers found on the market. My skin was smoother for longer and honestly saved money and time, if we think about all those razors and extra time spent in the shower. Making monthly appointments kept things in check, but I always had issues with my technicians as they were either rough or didn’t use the right wax for the right body area. So I started to experiment at home, waxing myself the different types of wax.

Soft wax

Soft wax is the most well known wax in the industry, it is very easy to apply and has a more accessible price. Soft wax is applied with muslin strips and is used to remove hair on larger areas of the body: legs, arms, back and chest. Waxing with soft wax is sometimes a little more intense as the wax sticks to the hair as well as skin, so pulling the wax off will create a little more discomfort. On large areas, that is not a problem as the skin on the legs or arms is not so sensitive. The only area this becomes an issues is if you are getting a Brazilian wax.

Also because of a higher melting point, waxing with soft wax in some sensitive areas,  can irritate and burn your skin.

Hard wax

Hard wax is less known and is a type of wax that is thicker and requires still and practice to master. Hard wax has the benefit that only sticks to the area around the hair and not to the skin, which makes removal easier, reducing irritation and discomfort. Hard wax does not require a strip to be removed, but once it is dry, it can be just pealed off. This type of wax can be used on the same area multiple times without the risk of burning or pealing of the skin, therefore reducing irritation. Hard wax is used on smaller areas of the skin, sensitive area as well as large area, face, underarms, bikini area and Brazilians.

Hard wax is more expensive but definitely has some benefits that should be considered when searching for a professional place to get a hair removal.

Last but not least, quality matters. Make sure your skin care therapist uses a good quality product.

Things to keep an eye for when getting into a wax room:

Always make sure the table you are getting services done is covered with paper, does not have sheets or towels (as those are harder to sanitize even with washing) a clean piece of paper like the one used in your doctor’s office is perfectly fine

Make sure your esthetician wears gloves when performing your wax services. Hair removal that involves removal of the hair follicles leaves the skin pores open, and susceptible to irritation, inflammation and the risk of infection. Gloves protect both the practitioner and the client .

No double dipping!!!

If you catch your esthetician double dipping a spatula, that’s your queue to walk out. A spatula should not touch your skin twice unless that can of wax has your name on it and not even then. Double dipping a spatula is nothing more than cross contamination and that should not be happening. I can be thinking of a few gross examples to point out, but I will leave it to your imagination…..

Be Happy and Wax On!

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