Acupuncture is a technique used in Traditional Chinese medicine, in which practitioners insert very tiny needles through the skin in specific points on the body with the purpose of relieving pain or providing other medical benefits.

Research suggests that acupuncture can help manage certain pain conditions like back pain, joint pain, neck pain, headaches and other conditions.

Our goal at Lamaris Salon is to provide alternative medical care that will reverse and prevent disease using the fundamental healing principles of mind-body medicine.

What is Cupping?

According to Chinese Medicine cupping is done to dispel stagnation (stagnant blood and lymph), thereby improving QI (oxygen) flow, in order to treat Respiratory diseases such as the common cold, pneumonia  and bronchitis. Cupping also is used on back, neck, shoulder and other musculoskeletal conditions.

Other reasons to get cupping therapy:

Deep tissue stimulatio

Relieves inflammation

Promotes the flow of lymphatic fluid to stimulate the immune system

pulls blood supply to the skin

Stretches muscles and connective tissue

Encourages circulation

Looses scar tissue adhesions

Stimulates the flow of Qi energy



Acupuncture – Initial Consultation -75min                                                                $90


Acupuncture follow up & cupping                                                                               $105


Cupping Detox & Tuina (a modality that uses a specific oil  that is infused with some herbs to relief tension, remove blockages and balance Energy flow in different channels)– 35 min                     $75.00 


Quick Attunement: Ear Acupuncture + Energy Healing

(Aromatherapy, Chakra Alignment with Tuning Fork)   – 40 min                              $75.00 


Holistic Energy Treatment: working with Hands-on experience by working on different Acu-points and Energy Channels with Personalized High Frequencies of Essential Oils, Tuning Forks  (528 Hz – the Frequencies of Universal Love) to bring the Body and Mind to a very profound stage of relaxation that will help to create Healing at the Essence of the Whole Being: $80.00 – 55 min

Meet our acupuncture therapist Marina Vodovoz

Marina Vodovoz began her journey to a holistic field many years ago. During her Life Quest, she has worked in different types of environment: medical, sports facilities, and luxury Spas. After different trials and trails, she came to the point of her Final Destination: a Healing Field. One of her biggest passion is investing time in exploring new things, studying and making discoveries: small and big, inner and outer, internal and external.

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